Start Edit

2 kids were walking,and they went to a circus,the circus has a rabbit like clown,"welcome to the circus!" the clown's eye turns black and his teeth became sharp,"wow! what a feast!"

Then it shows outside the circus,with child screams

Chapter 1 Edit

4 kids called Bruce,Emma,Daniel,Ben created a club called deillub club,a club for people that gets bullied,Daniel is the leader of the club.

They lived in a treehouse called deillub treehouse,one day,they went to the convenience shop,they saw a circus performer,walking around,when they see the deillub club,he smiles and whispers "I am you,you are me!" and he dissapears,they saw him and asked the uncle,"who is that circus performer" "an immortal being" said the uncle,the uncle gave them the book,called "The immortal man" the kids went to their house.

They read the book,the book shows a demon,in the year 1666 and in year 1700,the demon has more friendly features,they read more and in the year 1777,the demon has become a circus performer that resembles the one they met,they started to fear him,they called him man,and they began investigating in the underground that has lavas on it,it is said that man lives there.

The man appears and speaks in a child-tone "welcome! to my house! didnt expect you to find me here!" said the man "i came here to avenge my siblings!" said Daniel,the man's eye turns black,teeth turns sharp and began to fight the kids,the kids ran away..