Jester the rabbit clown is a demon that eats children every June 6th

History Edit

Jester was born in the fantasverse in the deep place of deadells,where creatures called deadsouls lived there, Zenon, the keeper of fantasell and fantaseaven,sent a deadsoul to fantasell, one of the deadsouls called vildes was kept in hell after murdering the deadsouls,when he went to hell, he learned the deadsoul's special ability,vildes turned into a demon to avoid being tortured.

Vildes eats the demons when he was hungry,Flurr,the guardian of fantasverse,kicked vildes out of the fantasverse,Vildes landed on earth after billions and billions and billions of years after getting kicked, it was so hot that it made Vildes use his demon form,Vildes hibernated and woke up in the 1700's

Vildes found out what children like in the future so he became a clown that has rabbit features, he have eaten tons of children and travelled outside the solar system

He went to one and another planet, only to kill aliens and end the planet by showing its true form

317 years later, he returned to earth with more excitement to eat children, under the name Jester