Fantasverse is an universe where human are brains that can create creature based on their minds,Fantasverse is an unknown 20 dimension universe where the creatures shapeshift to make the human mind can comprehend their appearance The most popular shapeshifter was Jester,a.k.a Vildes

Fantasen and Fantasell

Fantasen and Fantasell are the heaven and hell of the fantasverse,the keeper of the 2 worlds is Zenon

The relation of Dausn and the world

Dausn are the creator of all,it created the universe, multiverse, omniverse, metaverse and fantasverse, Dausn’s main nemesis is the keeper of the omniverse who has a villanous thought who tends to say the fantasverse are corrupters

The keeper of Omniverse is the lord of dedraterness and is called the Lord Shiny, a being that the residents of fantasverse and metaverse is fighting, Zenon has nearly become a dedrater person when he went to the omniverse, Lord shiny is the villain of the universe

Origins of the universe

Dausn was the one who was created before anything, he created the universe, then he made a sacrifice to make the universe expand, Dausn made the big bang happened and killed all the residents of the fantasverse die, Dausn sent them into fantasen to pay for the loss

Dausn is a kind hearted creature that punishes the evil and rewards the good.

When Dausn needs to take care of other dimensions, he gave the universe an ability to evolve and expand itself,also creating planets itself


In the year 2017,a godlike creature was made called Dausn,created the Fantasverse,he made the first fantasan,called Zenon,he began creating things and wished for peace on Fatasverse

The seperation of fantasans and fantasyians

fantasyians are creatures made by fantasans,when the fantasan,Zenon gave fantasyians their own mind,fantasans and fantasyians clashed and seperated

Angel Fantasans(Admin)

Angel Fantasans are capable of many things,they can do mostly anything,they can destroy Devil Fantasans with ease

  • Zenon

The first Fantasans to be on fantasverse,he was the creator of the land and other stuffs

Protector Fantasans

Protector Fantasans are Angel Fantasans but not as powerful as Angel Fantasans,they are promoted to Protectors to fight Devil Fantasans


Devil Fantasans(People who violate the rule)

They are the creatures that violates the rule of Fantasverse,Protectors are usually tasked to deal with devil fantasans